We provide professional well behaved bears for film work, still photography, live shows, and exhibits

Yogi Bear

He is our 6 year old male Grizzly Bear, we were given Yogi when he was about 8 months old.  He now is weighing over 500 lbs and standing 7 foot tall on his hind legs.  Yogi is getting to be a big boy, bigger than Tonk.  He is a little darker in color but has a great personality.  Yogi is still learning different behaviors but can walk on his hind legs, lay down, crawl, hold a bottle and drink,  roaring, and also works great within a hot wire.  

*Photo to the right is while filming for upcoming series "Manifesto"


Tonk is our 13 year old male Grizzly Bear, weighing about 650 lbs and standing over 7 ft on his hind legs.  We have had tonk since he was 6 weeks old, he was bottle raised in the house and could fit in a shoebox.  Now he can perform numerous behaviors including but not limited to:  Walking on his hind legs, Laying down, crawling, mark to mark, catching a ball, holding a bottle and drinking, mock attacks, roaring, works great behind hot wire.

*Photo to the left is while filming for PGA tour commercial

**Tonk and Dexter filming for movie "Chuck" originally "The Bleeder".  

A Grizzly Experience